Book Series
The Story of Wobbly Willie Cranford
When it comes to starting the new year off right! The Wobbly Willie Kindness Book Collection just might be what you and your family need to help brighten the minds of our future on important issues that they may or may not understand.
Join Wobbly as he embarks on a journey that not only teaches us how to embrace our uniqueness but he reminds us of how to be kind to ourselves. When we address these reminders head-on, the power of a being kind brings us together. Wobbly Willie’s differences help identify and bring awareness to what it truly means to be kind to one another. This book will help redirect the behavior and mindset of children who are having difficulty understanding the value of Kindness, which results in a community that now is aware of the valuable life skills necessary in order to make a positive impact for generations to come.  
Wobbly Chooses Kindness
Wobbly identifies what it truly means to make a conscious choice to be kind. Everyone has that option to choose kindness or bitterness. Wobbly shares how being intentional in his Kindness efforts creates opportunity, and if we are not as intentional as we can be in making that choice then we may miss these beautiful opportunities to be kind. Join Wobbly as he spreads his message across to the world and shares his story’s that help people find a way to be kind not only to others but to themselves.   

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Wobbly Willie Bakes A Cake

Wobbly Willie Bakes A Cake by Richard Qu
Wobbly Willie's Little Reminder:

What makes me special, you may not see:
my brain; my heart; the good in me.

All covered by a layer of skin, embracing diversity is where change begins.
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