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Wobbly Willie Mascot

The Wobbly Willy Organization is raising money to purchase a Wobbly Willie mascot costume.

All of the proceeds generated from the mascot fundraiser campaign will go toward the purchase of the costume.

We know everyone and all of the kids are probably wondering what a Wobbly Willie mascot would look like and we can't wait to show you!

“We are really hoping that the community will get behind this effort.” -quis

The mascot will appear at hospitals, pep rallies, school events, elementary schools, parades and other events, according to the owner.  

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Wobbly's Impact
Book Wobbly Willie to come out and excite students and explore all the ways we can implement evidence-based practices of intentional kindness as a powerful skill in daily life.
During the visit, you will be able to invite Wobbly into the classroom to check on kids and staff. You will learn about the science that helps us understand the nature of our mental experience, including why it is sometimes difficult to be kind.
You will also discover that practicing kindness as a skill empowers us to respond rather than react. This informative and inspiring visit will leave you ready to spread kindness amongst everyone!   

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