Kindness Matters

Kindness is a universal topic with opportunities for education, recognition and celebration in a variety of venues, including schools, workplaces, neighborhoods and communities. 


Join Wobbly as he spreads his message across to the world and shares his story’s that help people find a way to be kind not only to others but to themselves.


When it comes to starting things off right, our speaking topics just might be what your organization needs to help brighten the minds of our future generation.

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We are currently building out educational curriculums for our partnering organizations. We want every person to understand the value of being kind while learning to embrace everyone’s differences.


Invite Wobbly Willie to come out and meet students and staff as we explore all the ways we can implement random acts of kindness within any environment. 

Wobbly's Book Collection

The Story of Wobbly Willie Cranford 

Wobbly Willie embarks on a journey that not only teaches us how to embrace our uniqueness but he reminds us of how to be kind to ourselves. When we address these reminders head-on, the power of a being kind brings us together.


Wobbly Willie Chooses Kindness 

Wobbly identifies what it truly means to make a conscious choice to be kind. Everyone has that option to choose kindness or bitterness. Wobbly shares how being intentional in his Kindness efforts creates opportunity, and if we are not as intentional as we can be in making that choice then we may miss these beautiful opportunities to be kind.

Wobbly's Gallery

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Certificate of 


Spreading Kindness.

Wobbly would like for you to meet an amazing group of educators who work with Autistic students to at Clark Educational Center. They are some of the most patient and encouraging people I have ever seen! 


They have received a Certificate of Appreciation for always showing kindness to their students!

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